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A man, a plan and…pickles!



Moving to New York can be tough, particularly when you’re just out of school and entering the workforce during the worst economy in modern times.John Till’s prospects were grim so he had to think outside the box. Working at a friend’s pickle factory, the self-taught entrepreneur started pickling everything in sight to sell at farmers’ markets all over Long Island and New York City. One by one, John reached out to his struggling childhood friends in Providence, Rhode Island to involve them in the business, throwing virtual lifelines. Sharing a love of skateboarding, they band together to make it in New York.
Half Sour film festival laurels

Provenance Production’s three documentary shorts, Do Not DuplicateHalf Sour, and Trashing History air on PBS affiliates around the nation, premiering on WNET/Thirteen in New York City in December and January, 2017. Please check your local listings.

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